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If your application for Social Security disability benefits in the Houston area has been denied, you should not get discouraged. A majority of initial claims are denied outright by the Social Security Administration.You may have a serious disability that the Social Security Administration has overlooked for any number of reasons. If this is the case, you should file an appeal with the help of a Houston disability lawyer if you believe that you are unable to work. Do not give up.Lawyers who specialize in Social Security disability appeals are well aware that your very best chance for winning benefits will come not when you file your initial application, or even after your first appeal (called a Request for Reconsideration), but in a hearing that will take place after you have filed a second appeal. Your Houston disability lawyer will know the best way to prepare and present your case at the hearing and can help you succeed in your quest for disability benefits in Texas.While winning benefits is never a 100% certainty, your Houston disability lawyer will know about the complicated legal rules and regulations involved with filing an appeal for Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration is an extremely large system with many intricate functions, and disability lawyers are schooled in guiding clients through the various steps necessary to complete a successful appeal.If your application for benefits has been denied and you would like to file an appeal, please explore our website. You will find an extensive collection of articles, videos, forms, and advice about how to win benefits by filing an appeal with the assistance of a Houston disability lawyer. You can also fill out the claim form on the right side of the website and we will review your claim for free and respond promptly.

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A majority of claimants seeking Houston disability benefits have both their initial claims and their subsequent Request for Reconsideration denied by Social Security. You should not give up hope if this happens to you; you still have the right to file a second appeal that will result in a hearing, where, with the help of a Houston disability lawyer, you are more likely than not to win benefits. You should follow these steps:1. File your appeal on time. You have 65 days from the date you receive your denial letter to file your appeal. If you already filed your first appeal, file a second appeal. This is the one that will result in a hearing with an administrative law judge (ALJ), where the odds will be on your side.2. You can file appeals in person at your local Social Security office (the address is in your denial letter), by phone (800-772-1213), or online (http://www.socialsecurity.gov/applyfordisability). There is no particular advantage to using one of these methods over the others, so do what makes you comfortable. However, be sure to always provide a list of current medications and a comprehensive list of any doctors you have seen since you filed your claim or last appeal.3. Download our free e-booklet, Appealing a Denial of Benefits. It contains detailed information about the disability benefits appeal process, including:

Why should you have a Houston disability lawyer with you at your hearing?

Houston area disability hearings are not like the trials that you have seen on TV or attended during jury duty; they are small, private affairs generally held around a conference table. There will not be a jury and the administrative law judge might not even wear a robe. However, it is a good idea to have a Houston disability lawyer with you for a number of reasons:

For more information about the hearing, please see Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security Disability Hearings and our video entitled “What Not to Do at Your Hearing”.

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The disability appeal process is complicated and and Social Security rules and regulations often seem contrary to common sense. Claimants often feel confused and frustrated with the entire system.We understand this system and can assist you from your first appeal all the way through your hearing. Since 1980 we have represented hundreds of Houston disability applicants. It is all we do. We have decades of specialized knowledge and experience working with the judges in Houston and across Texas.If you live in the Houston area and have had your initial claim for Social Security disability benefits denied, we can help you file your first and second appeal, as well as assist you at your hearing.Please take a moment to describe your claim to us using the form on the right side of the website. It is free, quick to fill out, and gets delivered to us immediately. We will review your claim free of charge and respond promptly.

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